Saturday, May 29, 2010

A new start and a question

I first saw this on Michelle's blog where she's doing two, one in ecru and the other in blue-grey. I've done a few small hardanger pieces but since this didn't look too difficult I decided to join in.

It's a SAL conducted by Mamen (I knew two years of Spanish would come in handy!). It's at part 6 right now. I just finished part two.

I wanted to do it in non-traditional colours. This is black on pale grey-green. The photo is pretty bad, but the thunderstorm isn't great for lighting!

I knew from the start that I wanted it in not-white colours. It was a toss up between red or black floss, and I eventually went with black. The fabric? That's a pretty funny story. I was at my LNS and she had this lovely pink fabric and I was leaning towards that.
LNS: What are you starting with that choice?
Me: A hardanger bag.
LNS: Black on pink fabric? Who is it for?
Me: Me
LNS: Pink fabric?
Me: Yes
LNS: No, that won't work.
Me: Why not? It'll look great!
LNS: Definitely! It'll be gorgeous. But it'll never be used.
Me: ?
LNS: Honey, you're not a pink kind of girl. Can you honestly see yourself carrying a pink bag?
Me: But it'll look gorgeous!!!
LNS: But will you carry it in public?

We decided on a grey-green!

As to the question: I'm having trouble picking something to work on. Bluebeard's Princess is waiting for beads, Elemental Dragons is on semi-permanent hiatus, and the others aren't calling very loudly. So I thought "Why not let others choose?"

There's a poll up by the side. What would you like to see? Either finished or just a lot more stitching? Progress pictures are in the sidebar. Let your voice be heard! Exercise your right to vote!


Anonymous said...

Lovely new start! I think the pink fabric would have looked great with the black though ;)

Berit said...

lol I'm the first to vote so "Minx" is at 100% right now. I really love it (not sure why) and wish I could see it done/do it myself. I've never seen that designer before!

Love your new start!

Elaine said...

Love your new start!
My vote is for Cirque des Cercles.

Lynn said...

I just put in my vote for Cirque! I've always love this piece and yours is so great done in the reds.

I think you made a wise choice for your fabric on the bag. The pink would have looked great but wouldn't get as much use as your current choice.

Nic said...

Great new start - I don't think I've ever seen hardanger done in black, it's going to be very striking!

Lonneke said...

Exercised my right! lol
I agree with Berit, really like Minx.
Good start btw, like your choice for black!

Kristen said...

How about Cirque? I post progress if you post progress. We'll call it Cirque des Saturday and show our progress on our blogs. I keep waiting until the end of the month to work on it and that is annoying. Even if it is a few threads. So you in?

Michelle said...

Great start on the Hardanger bag! It is always great to see new colour combinations - the black is going to look really great!

I will go and exercise my right to vote now :)

Carol said...

Ha Ha :) Love the conversation with the LNS lady, Blu!

You're off to a great start--I've never done hardanger, but always admire those of you brave enough to tackle it!

Raven/Missy said...

This looks fabulous. I love the black on the fabric you chose, it looks so crisp and clean. Excellent job!

Carpacar said...

Hola Blu, me alegro mucho de ver que ya lo has comenzado y veo que eres muy valiente con la elección del color, es algo que no está muy visto, así que tengo mucha curiosidad por ver el final, será diferente pero seguro que quedará muy bonito.

Con tu permiso, he cogido la foto para ponerla en el álbum con el resto de las chicas del grupo, aquí la puedes ver:

Besos, Mamen.