Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why Such Strange Pieces?

I won this a few years ago in a really weird Christmas game. I think the organizer called it a Dutch Auction.

Basically you picked something in your house that you didn't like and wanted to gift away. Then you wrapped it in old newspaper, so that it looked generic. Everyone who had a present to donate could participate. Everything went under the tree. You drew a number from a bowl. In order of the number you picked a present and opened it. If someone else liked it they could "steal" it from you. You'd then have to pick a different present. Repeat until no one wanted what you had and the next person would go. I remember there was a really nice shelf that people kept "stealing". Someone put this up in order to get rid of it. I saw it and had to have it. Don't know why. It was funny because I saw it and stole it with great enthusiasm, and got a lot of baffled stares.

I have idea what it says, so she's been named "Minx".
Anyway, I put a few (~5) stitches in a few weeks ago and a lot more this weekend. So it's a new start now.

On 18 count Aida.

Why am I stitching her? I find her compelling. And I've given up trying to justify my very odd taste...


Kttycat said...

I would of grabbed her too. Them parties can be so much fun. They are also called white elephants.

Berit said...

I LOVE minx. Can't believe someone gave her away. That blue colour is one of my favorites. You often have the most unusual/interesting stitching--love checking out your blog!