Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hark Now!

First, thanks for
a) the spatula advice
b) letting me know that brownies from boxes are not punishable by death.

So when I said I wanted to stitch Joan Elliot's Christmas Angel I had a whole bunch of people encourage me (*tears of joy*). So I started her...on Tuesday and here's where I'm at.

She's on 32 count Pewter lugana. I was looking for a pale grey to stitch her on and I really like this one.

She's at 9 hours and I'm done the purple part of her skirt! Well, the photo makes it look blue, it's purple. And such a lovely deep purple!

Angel fact of the day: Traditionally angels are asexual. So all this female angel business is...questionable.


Annie said...

Actually, in the Jewish tradition, the angels are usually male. But stitching male angels doesn't sound like fun to me. Yours is going to be beautiful. And why do cameras always turn purple to blue? I have the same trouble.

Pumpkin said...

Wow! You definitely made a good dent in her :o) I love the fabric you picked out.

Carol said...

Lovely, lovely color...can't wait to see your progress :)