Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Week In Minimal Crafting

This week had me sleeping every spare minute I had. Not sure why. I didn't do anything different than last week, but I was just so tired. Maybe all the productivity of the first half of the month caught up to me? Or maybe I'm just getting old(er). The big three-oh is coming this year lol

One of the things I missed was the post for the Smalls SAL.
Heart of Alberta was finished earlier this month, and is my only finish so far.

I also got a few repetitions of the cable on my mitts. Let's just say there were colour pencils and graph paper involved when I modified the pattern and leave it at that. Handy at modifying patterns I am not!

And then because I got bored I put several stitches into Autumn Winds (no picture because I forgot) and a few into Steampunk Seaserpent:


Next time I'll try to remember to spread things out instead of dumping a bunch of photos all at once. And hopefully I'll have more progress than a couple of hours worth of stitching XD


Kate said...

I'd say you made alot of progress!! Congrats on the finish!

Rachel Tomkins said...

I think the Smalls SAL is open for a couple more days yet. I hope you're feeling less tired now. Sometimes our bodies need to shut down for a while and it sounds like it was your last week. Glad you still managed to stitch a little though. :)

Anonymous said...

looks great, love the Victoria Sampler
hope you feel better soon

gracie said...

It is good that you got some extra must have needed it. You have been busy and it looks good.

Heather said...

Everything looks great! It's my big 3-0 this year too. Scary! Mine come up in two months lol yikes! I freaky love how sea serpent is turning out it has such fun colors

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Beautiful projects and progresses

Rhona said...

Hope you're feeling less tired! Looks like you have been really productive....such wonderful projects!

Melinda Forbes said...

Heart of Alberta is beautiful - Plus some beautiful knitting and a couple of projects stitched on. I think it was a wonderful month

ANGIE said...

Hi Blu, I love your works! Happy stitching!

Heather said...

Don't worry! You aren't late as long as you post before the link list closes. ;)

Great job on your heart. I love those designs. And thanks for joining the Smalls SAL again!

Meari said...

I missed the smalls SAL. I'll have catch Feb. :)

Kudos on your finish.