Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Over And Done!

Granny Stripe Afghan is finished!

It's also incredibly difficult to take a picture of, so here are some pretty bad photos. I haven't measured it but it fits my bed and covers me properly when I'm on the sofa so it will suffice.

That giant white spot is something from the camera. I thought about putting it on my bed, but then I realized that my incredibly messy room would be obvious unless I cleaned half my room and I was not in the mood.

I'm happy it's done. I had a lot of trouble finishing off the border. Theoretically I know how to do it, but it just looked wrong when I did it. I fudged something. Not bad for my first non-scarf project.

I'm thinking of making a few coaster with the leftover yarn.


Pull the other thread said...

Lookd great. Well done!! Coasters are a great idea.

Justine said...

It's beautiful. Love the colours. I want to make one now!

D1-D2 said...

It looks great, I love that color. It will keep you nice and warm this winter :)

Carol said...

Congratulations on such a gorgeous finish!