Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April SFS

I signed up for IHSW and failed horribly. I watched too much random tv and ate too much junk food and stitched about five stitches. It was a weekend best forgotten and I intend to move past it asap.

I also went on that shopping spree I've been threatening to go on. In anticipation of my birthday, which is next month, I shopped so that I would have everything ready to start on that day.

No pictures because it's all still on it's way. Hopefully it'll be here before May. Canada Post blah blah blah atrocious service blah blah blah.

Items Cost
4 skeins DMC, 1 spool Kreinik, 25 ct black lugana 26"x26" 38.19
Ohm by AAN 24.18

Previous spending $7.26
Spending so far is $69.63
I have $30.37 banked

More about Stitch From Stash here:


Shebafudge said...

Congratulations on a great month for stitch from stash if not so much for IHSW :)

Pull the other thread said...

Well done on sticking to budget. I didn't even sign up for IHSW because I knew I wouldn't get anything done. We all need a weekend like that every so often :)

Lija Broka said...

Cruel! No images. Though I can totally understand. I bought a kit last month ... still has not arrived and it was UK to UK so should have only taken a few days. I asked for stitchy gifts ... that way it wasn't coming out my budget and I got something nice.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to SHOP!!! Can't wait to see what you got.