Sunday, June 30, 2013

Halfway There

It's actually over half. I'm further than I've ever been on a HAED. Knock on wood that saying that didn't bring on the evil eye :)

25ct Antique White Lugana

I'm finding going OAAT very soothing. There's something about putting all other WIPs out of sight and out of mind that's very relaxing. Not to mention seeing major progress relatively fast.

Also, I really should introduce Heather to an iron!


Mouse said...

well done on getting over half way ... but what is OAAT ??? can't think what it means this morning ... probably something soooo simple but love mouse xxxxxx

Jo said...

Mouse - it's one at a time stitching (as opposed to a rotation) - I'm a OAAT time stitcher (until I get bored and rotate :) ).

Blu - this is looking fabulous. I've never been brave enough to tackle a HAED!

Lonneke said...

Wow, great progress!
She gets more beautiful with every picture.
I also prefer being an OAAT stitcher. I find the lack of progress demotivating when rotating. I only rotate when I get bored with a WIP.

Rhona said...

Wow, she's stunning!

Giovanna said...

She's spectacular! Well done on passing the half-way mark.