Friday, August 6, 2010

The path to a new start

is lined with other new starts.

Why Hoard Gold?
28 ct white lugana

Dragon Dreams' Why Hoard Gold

Butterfly Bellfpull
18ct white aida (over 2)

From Lesley Teare's book Oriental Cross Stitch. Haven't been able to find a picture online, so I'll take one tomorrow eventually.

Cirque des Cercles
14 ct Khaki aida

Dimension's Palm. I think this is out of print since I can't a picture of this either. Photo of the model tomorrow eventually.

How Does Your Garden Grow (in the Dark)?
28 ct black lugana

This is Papillon Creations' SAL from 2008. I already stitched it over 1, but decided that I had to have the specialty version as well.

And after this frenzy of new starts I put them all away and went back to Minx. *Sigh* I think I have a problem.


Berit said...


It's hard to find a stitching groove in these warm months, IMO.

Ineke said...

Don't think too much: stitch and enjoy!
The dragon is very cute! Looking forward to see him grow.

Anonymous said...

No, no problem ;) I sometimes do the same thing, start a bunch of stuff and then realise that I really want to be working on one of my WIPs! Sometimes you just need to play around a little bit to get your focus back :)

Christina said...

Maybe you should see a cross stitch counsellor?! I'm looking forward to seeing these new starts develop.

Vinniey said...

I think I have a problem too if you really think you have a problem. LOL. Just stitch the piece which comes in your mind. :) All your new starts are pretty.

Elaine said...

Yes you do have startitis! Look forward to all those pretty up-dates.

Lynn said...

I think you caught a bad case of startitis, lol! I love them all. I have the DD one in my stash and want to do it for my DH someday since he's a chocoholic.

Annie said...

Seems like somebody is very restless these days! At least you have a lot of choices when you are ready to sit and stitch.

Loraine said...

At least you've started these projects, right?
Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. The cake was a ton of work, and it was soooo hard to cut into! But it tasted pretty good.
I'm glad you found me, so I could find you!
Take Care.

Pumpkin said...

My goodness, what are you trying to do???? LOL! That's quite a few new starts :o)

D@isy said...

Happy new stitches.