Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mail & lessons in geography

Paula from Spokane, Washington sent me all this as a giveaway win. I have plans for that fabric. (Well, I have plans for all my fabric, they just don't leave my mind.) Leftover fabric and everything else will be somehow involved in something St.Patrick's Day themed.

I keep hearing "from our studios in Spokane, Washington" in my head. Any ideas where this is from? I keep thinking it's Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, but they're apparently filmed in LA...

The card about Spokane is really interesting. Of course, I had no idea where Spokane was and had to look it up. It's in Washington, which I thought was the city with the white Lincoln Statue. Not so. It's a state below BC. (I'd have guessed it was out east.)

Out of curiosity: where did you think Winnipeg was, or did you already know? Before we moved here my mum thought it was on the coast near Vancouver! And what's the weirdest misconception you've heard about your city/state/country?


Silverlotus said...

That's a very lovely giveaway. You have the best luck, Blu. :)

I think I've always known where Winnipeg was. We used to have family that lives there. As for misconceptions about where I live, Toronto, why, people say it is the centre of the universe. lol! No, seriously, some people think it is in the middle of Canada. Not quite.

Pumpkin said...


LOL! When I was working at my last job, the people from the Toronto office literally thought we went to work by boats. Oye! And these people are in the SAME country.